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#NewMusic | Joey Bada$$ - Don’t Quit Your Day Job (Lil’ B Diss)
(produced by Lee Bannon) Earlier today, Lil’ B released a diss track to Joey Bada$$ entitled ‘I’m The Bada$$’ which was most likely a delayed response to the late Capital STEEZ’s verse on “Survival Tactics” where the rapper states “They say hard work pays off, well tell the based god don’t quit his day job”.

That was a few hours ago. And just like that, Joey Bada$$ returns the favor to Lil’ B. After taking to twitter to respond to the ‘I’m The Bada$$’ diss by saying Lil’ B wasn’t worth his time, it seems like Joey’s recanting that statement now with the release of this track. Listen and share your thoughts below.


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(Source: theycallmetune / Joey BADASS.)

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    that verse by capital steez on survival tactics is so good
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